5 Most Simple And Best Fitness Tips For Women

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In today’s hectic world, women often tend to forget how important their body and fitness is. However, it is very important to maintain a healthy body to keep up with everything. Here are some fitness tips and tricks to achieving those goals.

1. Eat Healthy


The first step to getting healthy and fit is eating the right food at the right time. Skipping meals or eating them at uneven hours will make you prone to the bodily diseases and infections in the long run. Also, it’s significant to keep in mind the nutrients every woman must take such as calcium, iron, protein and folic acid. Include food items rich in nutrients in your everyday diet. Green tea, dairy products like milk, eggs and curd are a few things you should consume on a regular basis. Eat fruits, veggies and dry fruits to keep your system healthy. For added energy, include salad, smoothies and shakes in your diet.

2. Regular Workout


This is 2017. Life is busy we get it, and your body often gets neglected in a rush to meet the deadlines. It is extremely important to engage in some kind of workout and physical exercise regularly to keep the body fit and in shape. Go to the gym or take up any physical activity like yoga, swimming, Pilates, squats etc. to give your body the much-needed exercise, flexibility and stretching. And if you find the regular workout boring, you can also pick up the fun options like belly dancing, power yoga, Zumba etc. Or burn more calories with weight training.

3. Regular health check-ups


Regular health check-ups are vital. Visit your doctor and get routine check-ups done time to time so you know if you’re suffering from any concealed illness ( or to make sure you’re healthy and fit). Early detection always leads to better treatment and sometimes the symptoms aren’t very clear and you won’t feel anything wrong until it’s too late. To avoid this to happen, undergo the tests according to your age. There are some common tests that every woman above 25 years of age must get examined for including screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer, STD’s, bone mineral density, diabetes etc. Know your body well and visit your doctor even in any minor problems.

4. Reduce alcohol intake and smoking


Boozing has become a trend and so is smoking. Many women go for a smoke break during office hours or head out to a club for a round of drinks regularly. Though taking a drink or smoking once in a while is okay but going overboard with drinking and smoking is extremely harmful. The recommended quantity for women is 2-3 units of alcohol every day or 14 units per drink. The units are calculated on the basis of how much alcohol content it has. Remember, your health comes before any type of fun. Have some fun and keep it healthy.

5. Find some me-time


Relax your body and mind and recharge yourself by having a little time only for yourself. It will rejuvenate your senses and mind. Indulge in a spa treatment or take up a hobby. It could be as simple as watching a movie or reading a book and writing poems. Go on a trek or drive all by yourself, throw yourself on a solo trip or do some shopping and treat yourself with some online shopping deals. Or curl up in your bed, play some music and get a cup of coffee. Self-time fulfills you the most and helps you to connect with yourself.

Don’t take your health and body for granted. This is one only thing that bears with you every moment. Keep it fit, hydrated and healthy. Take care!

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