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Holidays and shopping go hand in hand. We are always in search of the best products available out there and holiday season definitely, increases the frequency of that hunt ( Am I right or am I right?). Also what could be better than if those exclusive products give the minimum strain on your budget and leave you with a little more money than expected. An icing on the cake, right! So, keep your credit cards ready as we are summing up here the seven best products under £25. Check them out!

1. Stella Teeth Whitening Foam


Whitening your teeth has never been easier- All you need to do is brush! Use white foam in place of any traditional toothpaste as teeth whitening treatment. Stella teeth whitening foam can tackle both stains and budget constraints as it’s price starts with mere £10. Because! That smile on your face matters.

2. Eyeliner Stencil Tool Set


All the women across the world have one common mission. Getting their eyeliner right, isn’t it ladies? This eyeliner stencil tool made of soft plastic helps to keep hand steady and draw precise lines when applying eyeliner. The set includes smoky eye and cat eye stencils that help you get your eyeliner right and rock every occasion and is available for just £1.99. Now, this is a dream come true.

3.Build-On Brick Mugs


Fight the morning blues and start your day right with one of the Build-on Brick mugs. The mug has a unique building brick design and it is 100% compatible with LEGO bricks. The price range starts with £6.94 and yes, it comes in many of your favourite colours. A perfect novelty product to keep or to gift.

4. Jibber Jabber Games


Guess the phrase spoken by other players wearing a mouthpiece that won’t let them shut their mouth with a funny jibber jabber game. It falls in the £14.99- £30 price range, and when it comes to the indoor games, Jibber Jabber game can be a fun and learning experience for your kids.

5. Garden Storage Box


The exclusive Garden Storage Box is ideal for storing plant pots and gardening tools; this all-purpose box provides a solution for tidying up your outdoor spaces. And as promised, it is pocket-friendly ( Nature lovers, are you listening?).

6. Buy Infuser Bottle Online Deal


Designed from the plastic material with a comfortable carry handle, this fruit bottle with leakproof cap and stain-resistant material may become a suitable choice for drinking juice in the morning and it is available in different colours ( bonus point!). This infuser is so cost-effective, and you will love it so much that you might end up getting one for each day of the week.

7. Three-Pack Slimming Jeggings


These bold statement jeggings are designed to reduce and smooth curves as well as visually enhance the figure. These jeggings give the impression of jeans minus the uncomfortable situations of the later. Available in every size, the pack includes three pieces ( each of different colour) and costs around £17.

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