Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas This Year

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Hello friends, What’s going on? Okay, I know a foolish question it is because obviously CHRISTMAS!!!!! Christmas is going on… Since childhood I used to wait for the end of the year as it brings with it the most delightful and charming fest of our otherwise tiring and bland lives. I ( and surely everyone) have infinite reasons to love Christmas but here are the significant ones on which we can mutually agree.

Christmas Carols

Music increases the joy of every festival and this grandiose and lordly festival is no exception. Christmas Carols are an interwind part of it. Every year we hum along with all the classics of Mariah  Carey, buzz with the jingle bells and vibrate on ‘Step into Christmas’ by Elton John. That reminds me, have you checked out the latest talk of the town, the band ‘Pentatonix’? Trust me, It’s worth your time and this year’s Christmas.

Secret Santa

Ohh that anticipation! of what we are going to get, fills us with lots of excitement and fears. Also we ensure we give a well-thought gift to our near and dear ones. This excitement sends us in the search of BEST CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IDEAS. Yes I know! Nothing more satisfactory than seeing a huge smile on the loved ones’ faces when they open the gifts.

The food and the tree

Christmas Turkey with all the trimmings and Christmas tree. Roast potatoes, veg and the yearly hunt of that one light which is not working. The extra pound we probably put on post-Christmas and all parts of the fun and games. We know there’s no Christmas happening without all that.

Movie spree and the TV specials

As Christmas advances closer, it is almost a ritual to go through all the classic Christmas movies to set the festive feels. So, Get some popcorns, curl up in the sofa and watch Home Alone to enjoy the epic death game between Kevin and the wet bandits. And hey! Don’t forget to catch your festive favorite TV shows.

And the gifts!!!

This is Christmas, the festival of GIFTS!! And amidst all that movie-watching, carol singing what is the most important part of Christmas. Yes! The Gifts… So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab some awesome gifts for you or for the family and the friends. Hunt those BEST CHRISTMAS SHOPPING DEALS and take them down. Shop for yourself, shop for everyone and Roll with the Christmas!! MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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